Review: Ibotta App

Update: It looks like Ibotta has lowered the amounts of savings per item that you can claim. I no longer see phenomenal deals here, but rather average savings. Still, I am not changing the rating because if these products go on sale with a paper coupon you can still claim the Ibotta savings and get some really good deals.

Recently, I signed up for and am using a new app for my android phone. I gotta tell you, I am in love with this app! Here is my review of Ibotta, a new money saver:


A IconIbotta is an easy to use app and I’ve never seen another app quite like it. It’s set up is attractive: with bright splashes of  pink and images of the actual products you can save money on. It has a nice tutorial the first time you use this app and Ibotta continues to guide you through its use as you go. The offers section allows you to view the product and its requirements for purchase, along with a few small tasks which will earn you the savings. For example, learning a fact about the product may save you .25 cents after you complete it. After you complete an offer, it goes into pending status which you can then redeem. You select the store you’ve shopped at (refer to Ibotta for the list of accepted stores, they are adding new ones all the time) and take a picture of the receipt, then select which offers to redeem. After submitting, they review it and get back to you fairly quickly with an answer. I’ve always gotten a response in a matter of hours though they say it can take up to a day. The money you earn can be withdrawn to a Paypal account and you can use it however you wish; you can even deposit it back to your bank account.

With Ibotta, I select offers that I can pair with coupons or a store sale. Even without a coupon or sale, you can still get a great savings because some of the Ibotta savings are a higher value than coupons. My example is the recent $1.25 off a box of Cheez-its. This is a higher savings than any coupon I’ve seen for this product. I imagine that, with a sale, this price would be even better and the exact savings is unknown.

Just to make sure this app works before I posted it on Casey’s News and Reviews, I ran through the payment process. After a minimum of $5.00 is reached, I entered my Paypal email and Ibotta password. It submitted my payment quickly and showed up in my Paypal just as fast.

Visit Ibotta’s website here


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